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I hereby disclaim all of your rights and all of my responsibilities, even those that would normally be available to you no matter what I write here. This legal device is valid wherever it is not void, as well as where the law tries to override it. Little does the law suspect, however, that this legal device manoeuvres around the law, letting it tie itself into a knot and becoming powerless in the face of this legal device. We're not even talking about a loophole that can be plugged here; this is a legal device that may pose as something easily overridden by the law, but then, unexpectedly, its provision comes into action and overrides the law. The law will have to think of something better, and come prepared next time, if it wants to have a chance against this new breed of legal instrument.

The views published here may not necessarily reflect my views, even if they are authored by me. No one is safe from thinking one thing and writing another. Also, don't expect any information to be true and correct. I may take every effort to keep the information error-free, and then I may not. You have to make errors sometimes, otherwise people won't be convinced that you are human.

Now, how about this, instead of reading legal fine-print, why don't you have a look at some Confucian quotes: