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I wanted a personal wiki hosted locally. Hence I needed to set up a WAMP (Windows-based Apache, MySQL, PHP stack) to host MediaWiki on my computer. I got XAMPP: there are millions of downloads.

After downloading and installing, I took the following extra steps:

  1. Started Apache and MySQL as services. (I don't need any of the others.) Clicking the SCM button in the XAMPP control panel brings up the Services Management Console (they should have a tooltip on that button) to check that Apache and MySQL services have start-up type of Automatic. This is to have them start up whenever the system starts.
  2. Went to http://localhost/security to set up a MySQL root password, phpMyAdmin password and .htaccess protection for the XAMPP configuration pages — all via a web interface.
  3. In XAMPP/php/ edited the timezone value to read
    date.timezone = "Australia/Perth"

    Also set the script execution timeout to 10 minutes, to allow me to import a database (this takes a long time).

    max_execution_time = 600

    (Note: still couldn't import SQL database dump via phpMyAdmin after changing this setting, Firefox said "The connection was reset" after a fairly short while. See next section for the solution.)

  4. In XAMPP/mysql/bin/my.ini edited the timezone value also
    default-time-zone       = "+08:00"
  5. Restarted Apache and MySQL services.

That was it.


Importing database

I also wanted to restore an old MediaWiki installation that we had a backup of.

First I made the user wikiuse and database wikidb through phpMyAdmin. Then I granted all privileges for that user on that database.

The easiest way to import a file would have been through phpMyAdmin, but that didn't work. (For an alternative solution see this page.) So I pressed the Shell button in the XAMPP control panel, typed in

mysql -u wikiuse -p

Gave the password when it asked for it.

mysql> use wikidb
mysql> source C:/Downloads/backup_10_10_2010.sql

Then I could look at the database through phpMyAdmin.

Hitting a snag

MediaWiki refuses to install itself, because the latest version of XAMPP, 1.7.3, includes a buggy version of PHP: 5.3.1.

Note: this section is no longer relevant, as XAMPP now has a more up-to-date PHP.

I downloaded a threadsafe x86 version of PHP 5.3.2 compiled with VC6, and, after looking at install.txt in that package, stopped Apache and MySQL, and just unzipped the PHP distribution into XAMPP/php/, overwriting various files. (Made a backup copy of the directory beforehand.)

Started up Apache and MySQL. It seemed to work ok.

Restoring an old instance of MediaWiki

I untarred the latest version of MediaWiki into XAMPP/htdocs/w/, then ran the configuration, specifying the database user and password, and prefix to match the restored database.

The installation script worked it all out automatically: updated the database schema and did a lot of other stuff. And then I could see the old wiki!

Browsing MediaWiki contents through phpMyAdmin or another client

Other clients I know are the command-line mysql prompt interface and MySQL Query Browser.

The table page stores the titles of pages, table revision stores revisions and table text stores their actual content. The field page.page_latest links to revision.rev_id, and revision.rev_text_id links to text.old_id, where you get the text. Follow these links. With phpMyAdmin, you have to click "+Options" and select "Show BLOB contents" to read the text.

Making another instance of MediaWiki

All I had to do was rename LocalSettings.php, create a new database and database user (or I could have just used a different prefix), and go to http://localhost/w/config/index.php again.

To switch back to the other instance, I just switch LocalSettings.php by renaming the file.